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AI And Machine Learning Utility For Wealth Managers

Wealth management advice will come from bots that are free of calculation errors and faulty/biased judgement, unlike human advisors. AI and machine learning will play a key role in solving portfolio advice and equipping experts with key data points.

Artificial Intelligence Usage In Medical Science

Medical science is one field where the amalgamation of AI and medical science can be used to bring about life-changing technologies. In fact, cognitive technology is being used in the healthcare industry in assistance and support roles.

Enterprises Need To Automate Intelligently

Experts are certain that the new wave of digital transformation will adopt IA and reap maximum benefits of this modern technology. If the basics are in place, intelligent automation will become the new backbone of your enterprise.

RPA Myths Busted: Top 5 Fallacies

The buzz surrounding RPA has received a lot of attention but there are also some perspectives, speculations, and interpretations that spurt from lack of knowledge and fear of automation.

Make Your Enterprise RPA Ready

RPA is suited for tasks that can be performed as per predefined algorithms, tasks that need high volumes of data to be accumulated, segregated or converted, and the ones that need to processed quickly with high accuracy

How HR Functions Can Use AI To Boost Productivity

Though there have been underlying concerns about robots replacing humans in their jobs, experts are of the opinion that AI is here to aid and assist humans, making way for improved and high-efficiency roles for human resources personnel

Using Machine Learning To Detect Financial Fraud

Technology has made financial crimes more sophisticated. That’s why machine learning and stream computing are better traditional rule-based systems when it comes to combating complex fraudulent activities across the financial sector

AI Consumer Technology Trends 2018

This year is slated to see a huge rise in consumer AI technologies, and the CES 2018 gave a fair hint that focus has shifted from creating better phones, music systems, TVs to developing sophisticated AI-driven or AI-powered consumer technology