Products that make it easier to renovate your processes

Rina - Adaptive Agent Desktop

Enhance the efficiency of your operations, our Adaptive Agent Desktop solution Rina™ amplify the impact when used in backend or frontend processes. Grid Infocom’s Rina delivers:

Ishan - The Robotic Process Automation Solution

Enhance the productivity of your organisation by automating manual, repetitive tasks that requires no human decision making. Grid Infocom’s Ishan – a robotic process automation solution enables you to redeploy people, eliminate errors and run transactions 24×7. Key features of Grid Infocom Ishan:

  • Automate user tasks, at scale, with no human present
  • Logging, reporting, rework (exceptions), alerts
  • Application agnostic (multiple speed modes)
  • Span user interfaces, web services, APIs, databases, queues, legacy systems
  • Create and Expose as web services back to BPM, ESB

anota - Robotic Automation Management Console

Grid Infocom’s anota – a robotic automation management console keeps track of your robotic solutions’ performance 24×7. anota, enables you to monitor a network of robots or a specific robot and its open API makes it compatible with any robot from any vendor. It comes with rich real-time process and transaction analytics.

nuAI - The Robotic API Bridge

Grid Infocom’s nuAI enables you to exchange data between your application or processes and your partner’s or 3rd party’s application or process without complex programming or hard integration or compromising on security.