Everything You wanted to know about robotics automation


How a leading South East Asian telecom company increased Customer & Employee Satisfaction by reducing AHT (Average Handling Time) by 25%

Across Asia, the telecom market is a highly competitive market and price sensitive customers form a high proportion of the market. In such a scenario, retaining customers is the focus of most companies and a telco’s contact centre is critical to driving customer satisfaction, retention and cross sell/up sell opportunities.
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Oct 27, 2016
Robotic process automation beneficial – only if done right

Robotic automation is certainly not artificial intelligence nor is it script-nor macro-based automation. It is strictly any process that is predictable and rule-based.

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Sept 08, 2016
ICICI Bank deploys software robotics to automate business processes

The software robots processing over 10 lakh transactions daily have reduced the response time to customers by up to 60 % and increased accuracy to 100 % , thereby improving the by the bank’s productivity and efficiency.

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Sept 30, 2013
Grid Infocom Uses Outcome-Based Pricing to Build Trust with TP-DDL

When Grid Infocom was on the verge of losing a deal for want of a client showcase, it dug deep and leveraged its outcome-based model to reverse its fortunes.

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