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Optimize How Your Employees Work

Robotic Desktop Automation is a technology solution designed to optimize the way employees work by simplifying, automating and integrating the technologies and processes on the desktop. Using Robotic Desktop Automation, organizations can deliver faster, more seamless transactions that accelerate employee productivity and reduce customer effort while increasing operational efficiencies.

Simplify the Desktop

Time-consuming log-in processes. Disconnected applications. Complex customer verification protocols. The desktop of your customer-facing employees has become a source of frustration for both them and your customers. Employees are required to navigate countless systems and applications while also trying to deliver service experiences that translate into increased revenue.

Scalability is Key

Scalability is a key technology differentiator for OpenSpan. Whether you need to automate a handful of tasks for a specific group of employees to make processing transactions easier, or you want to incrementally build automations that factor into an enterprise strategy, OpenSpan can help. Robotic Desktop Automation provides the ability to build scalable automation solutions to meet your business requirements so you can achieve a rapid time to impact.

Build More Loyal Customers

OpenSpan Robotic Desktop Automation helps optimize desktop applications to empower your employees to more effectively engage with customers and deliver world-class customer experience. To provide top-notch service, many companies are turning to agile desktop solutions that provide data-rich, true 360-degree customer views. Robotic Desktop Automation equips your organization to build simple, easy-to-use agile desktop solutions so that employees spend less time navigating systems, and more time nurturing the customer.


Fully automate business processes to reduce costs, accelerate productivity and decrease errors

Maximize Enterprise Productivity

Are there areas of your business where people – your contact center or back office employees and staff – are manually processing repetitive tasks? Considering your investment in payroll, is this the most strategic use of talent? Aside from being time-consuming, repetitious work activities are also error prone. Growing numbers of companies are solving this with robotic process automation and eliminating the need for staff to perform these lower-value activities.

Build a More Efficient Enterprise

OpenSpan Robotic Process Automation enables organizations to drive efficiencies by fully automating key work activities – manual, repetitive tasks that require no human decisioning – off the desktop. Employees no longer perform these mundane tasks. Using OpenSpan you can transform transactions to run independently, with fewer errors and on a 24X7 basis. When used in conjunction with Robotic Desktop Automation, companies have the ability to deliver more robust solutions by driving efficiencies across the worker environment.

Key Features

Automate user tasks, at scale, with no human present.

Logging, reporting, rework (exceptions), alerts.

Application agnostic (multiple speed modes).

Span user interfaces, web services, APIs, databases, queues, legacy systems.

Create and Expose as web services back to BPM, ESB.


GIC Robotic SOC Automation, Say bye! to skills & attrition. Go on, Scale your SOC as you wish!

Your Level 1 Digital SOC Workforce at work & alert 86400000 milliseconds a day, will watch over your existing security infra, events, rules, filters, and reports.

Strictly 100% pure emotionless business security operation!

24x7x365 25x8x368, Yes, they can stretch extra hours too!

RSA Security Analytics

See Everything. Fear Nothing.

Be one step ahead of advanced attacks
Complete visibility to detect, investigate, and take targeted action against even the most advanced of attacks before they can impact the business.
Detect And Analyze Advanced Attacks
To detect advanced attacks, logs need to be combined with other data types such as network packet, endpoint, and cloud data. RSA Security Analytics discovers attacks missed by log-centric SIEM and signature-based tools with the only solution that can correlate network packets with other security data.

RSA Identity And Access Management

A business-driven approach to the complete user-access lifecycle

RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance

Understand who has access to what applications and data resources; make more intelligent access decisions based on identity context.

RSA Authentication Manager

Centrally manage authentication and authorization policies for a large number of users, online web applications, and resources.

RSA Archer Governance, Risk, And Compliance

Transform Compliance, Harness Risk, And Optimize Your Business

Manage governance, risk, and compliance enterprise wide.

RSA ECAT for Endpoint Security

Protect the Endpoint, Secure the Enterprise

Gain visibility into and secure all endpoints by detecting advanced targeted attacks.

CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution

A complete solution to protect, monitor, detect, alert, and respond to privileged account activity from the most trusted expert in privileged account security.


Make a great customer experience a competitive advantage.

Get everyone on the same page. Having multiple IT monitoring tools is like having too many cooks in the kitchen—nothing comes out the way it should. Simplify and unify your IT monitoring with CA. We’ll help you streamline workflows, reduce costs and resolve issues as a team—all while creating apps that deliver an unsurpassed user experience.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM)

Make a great customer experience a competitive advantage.

Get real data. Make a real difference. Applications are your new first impression. And you only have seconds to make a great one. Respond immediately to real performance data with CA Application Performance Management. When you can pinpoint the exact cause and timing of problems, it’s easier than ever to boost application performance and make happy customers even happier.

CA Mobile App Analytics

Get usage, performance and developer analytics in one.

Find and fix errors easier and earlier. The best fix is the one your users never notice. Make it happen with powerful app analytics that quickly zoom to a specific line of code. Then use that same data to dig deep into the features and functions your customers use most. They’ll enjoy a superior user experience—from the smallest detail to the big picture.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM)

Get 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance.

Unified monitoring tools that let you see everything. Complex application environments make it difficult to pinpoint the source and timing of problems, leading to poor application performance and unhappy (or former) users. Expand your view with a comprehensive, customer-centric IT monitoring solution that lets you see everything—and miss nothing—from a single pane of glass.

CA Workload Automation

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing application workloads.

Workload automation made for service, not silos. When you’re balancing a variety of jobs and process demands across multiple platforms, a minor miscalculation can have a major effect. Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your application workloads with CA Workload Automation. You’ll boost staff productivity and quickly meet growing demands on your systems.

CA Service Management

Take a proactive approach to IT service management.

Provide services the way your workforce and customers want. The key to providing progressive IT service management is to put people at the center. That’s why CA Service Management is designed for humans and built for service. Your business users won’t skip a beat, thanks to an intuitive, productive self-service experience. And your analysts will make every moment count, with the content to make smart decisions and accurately prioritize each job. It’s a


Perfect the end user experience with application performance management and diagnostics from SAP
Identify and correct SAP performance problems at the root cause
Refine and optimize SAP application performance
Precise, prioritized control over SAP application performance

Proactively manage your Web-based applications in complex, heterogeneous IT environments – and keep end users happy – with SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Technologies. This application performance management software can help you identify bottlenecks, eliminate outages, meet SLAs, and lower the overall cost of maintaining applications.

Monitor end-user response times at the transaction level to ensure a positive performance experience

Gain insight into the criticality and business impact of SAP and third-party Web-based transactions

Proactively maintain the performance of applications that provide data to SAP HANA

Group similar defective transactions for further analysis by the responsible party

Address issues promptly with real-time triage maps, automatic alerts, and root cause analytics

Provide detailed performance reporting and analysis, including custom dashboards