Manoj Gupta
Manoj is MD & CEO, Grid Infocom. He is a Business and Technology Leader with 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He brings in diverse experience in Strategy, Business Development, Consulting, Project Management, Alliance Management and Customer Support. He has held various positions in Wipro Corporation and Convergys serving Fortune 1000 organizations across the globe.

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  1. […] For starters, artificial intelligence can improve all customer interactions that are judged on response time. Modern age customers look for quick responses and solutions. Intelligent automation is a convenient and cost-effective way of handling first responses on queries and brand interactions. AI-powered systems are self-learning and therefore are a great tool for question-answer format interactions. A high-speed data processing power makes them useful in malls, banks, service centers, hospital receptions, and any other customer-focused outlets. […]

  2. […] purchases of digital assistants. Many connected home-products are expected to integrate with Amazon Alexa. The current market is dominated by Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Samsung would soon scale […]

  3. […] with the dawn of machine learning, the future is up for a major change. In the words of Bill Gates, “A breakthrough in machine […]

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