The saying “customer is king” has never been more relevant than in today’s times. Customer experience is the golden standard across service industries, and banking institutions are leaving nothing to chance to make that experience differentiated for the customer. Be it contact centres or back office processes, banks are increasingly leaving the routine tasks to automation and getting their human resource to work on only those tasks that require critical thinking and judgement. And Robotic Process Automation has become the most vital piece in the pursuit of business efficiency and effectiveness.

RPA solutions for banking institutions

70% Improvement In Overall STP Efficiency – We deliver intelligent enterprise solutions for banking institutions without making any changes to their core banking and other banking applications.

Key features of our RPA solutions:

  • Risk-free deployment
  • Assured, intelligent and predictable
  • Incremental benefits
  • Differentiated CX
  • Substantial cost reduction
Branch Operations
Back Office Operations
Contact Centre
Audit And Compliance
Correspondent Banks, FinTechs, Service Partners

Banking functions suitable for automation solutions

Our deep domain knowledge of banking solutions has helped us in RPA deployment across financial services categories – Personal Banking, Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment and Wholesale Banking

Real Estate / Mortgage

Loan Acquisition
Processing & Underwriting
Loan File Setup
Loan Closing/Post Closing
Escrow Management
Loan Servicing
Payment Processing and Reporting
Collections and Default Management
Loan Review
Purchasing and Settlement
Lender Services

Shared Services

Risk and Compliance
Reconciliations – ATM / PoS / NOSTRO / SWIFT / Bill Payments and more
Collections and Recoveries

CA SA / Deposits

Client / Account Acquisition
Account Opening & Closing
Document Processing
Account Maintenance
Transaction Processing
Customer Service
Business Support


Account Acquisition
Credit Appraisal
Customer Fulfillment
Application Processing
Customer Services
Recovery Management
Charge Backs and Settlements
Dispute Management


Pipeline Management
Application Processing
Credit Analysis
Initial Credit Approvals
Customer Communication
Negotiation Restructuring
Due Diligence
Document Generation & Packaging
Loan Setup and Booking
Account and Portfolio Management