Amitabh Ojha


Amitabh is an information technology veteran with a successful career spanning well over 30 years designing, developing, and deploying award winning enterprise applications for premier organizations such as the PSI, Times of India Group, IBM, UnitedLex and Sirionlabs.

During the first phase of his career he built solutions for client organizations such as ONGC, CSIR, Brooke Bond, Nestle and CGDA. These solutions helped businesses improve their efficiency and increase profitability

At the Times of India, Amitabh was the chief architect of the award winning enterprise Ad platform that managed the entire life cycle of advertisements — Booking, scheduling, publishing, billing and collections. The platform enabled the company to become the leader in the print media Ad space.

During the second phase of his career, Amitabh worked as a serial CTO for several marquee startups and helped them establish their software platform and leverage technology to enable the vision for the startup founders.

During this phase he worked as the founding CTO for companies such as Daksh, UnitedLex, SirionLabs, and MovingWalls. He is currently the CTO at Grid Infocom.

Amitabh has conducted developer workshops for the developers at leading companies such as HCL, HP, Perrot, Siemens, and Hughes. These workshops helped the development teams to deliver projects, directly improving the product quality and client satisfaction.

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